What’s happening? Each Sunday, we’ll run our service from around 4:00pm-5:30pm. During the service we’ll make space for times of praise, preaching and prayer.

Will there be groups for children and young people? Definitely! Our wonderful team will be running groups for Kingdom Kids and the Youth. These will take place in the second half of the service (similar to pre-covid). Initially, we won’t be offering a supervised creche - however there will be a space where people can take young children.

Are we serving refreshments? Yes - but before the service. Each week, we’ll open up at 3:30pm for refreshments. For this first Sunday we’ll be taking some time before the service to enjoy socialising with one another with tea and cake!

Additionally, we are asking people to bring their own cups. This is a lot better for the environment as it will avoid the need for paper cups.

What about covid? We’ll be taking lots of precautions to ensure we stay as covid-secure as possible. Including offering two separate seating areas:

  • Main hall. This is the large room where the live service will take place. You will not be required to wear a mask, unless it is a time of sung worship.
  • Entrance hall. This is the smaller room next to the main hall - it is connected by large double doors which open out. In this room, we will ask everyone to wear masks, refrain from singing and sit socially distanced.

Please note - we will be asking everyone to wear a mask when they are in the entrance hall - even if just passing through (see below for exceptions).

Additionally, below are some of the other measures we’re taking:

  • Hand sanitiser will be available when you arrive, as well as throughout the building.
  • All windows will be kept open to allow ventilation.
  • All seating will be at least moderately social-distanced.
  • Anyone who is particularly anxious/vulnerable will be offered a badge which will let people know they do not wish to be approached.
  • It would be very helpful for people to take a lateral flow test before attending.

Who needs to wear a mask? There are two points where we are asking people to wear masks: when in the entrance hall and when singing. At these points, everyone aged 12+ should wear a mask if they are able. We do not expect children aged 11 or under to wear a mask. We will not be policing this, but we would appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation.

Please note - we will likely change our approach to masks as/when the national picture evolves (e.g. case numbers rise/fall…)

What if I feel anxious about coming? We will all have to make personal choices in terms of what we feel comfortable with. Our aim is to find a balance between enjoying our new freedoms and still being careful and considerate. If you would like to speak to anyone about our approach, please contact one of the leadership team.

Can I help out? Please do! In particular, we are looking for help in the following: refreshments, setup (open + close), audio and visuals. Contact a member of the CtR leadership team for more info.

What about … ?

  • Parking - St Nics does have parking, however it is limited. Please walk/cycle to the venue if possible.
  • Live-streaming - We are planning to live stream the services via Zoom. However, this is not a simple process and so it might take us a few weeks to get this working at a perfect level.
  • Symptoms - Please do not attend if you have any covid-related symptoms. This includes: a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

See you Sunday!

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