We believe that ALL followers of Jesus Christ whatever their age or circumstance, are called to share the Gospel in word and deed with those who don't know it yet. (Matthew 28: 19-20, Acts 13: 1-3, Romans 10: 14-15)

All of our mission's activity within CTR is co-ordinated by our MISSION ACTION GROUP (MAG), who are made up of a group of members to whom God has given a particular interest in world mission. Their aim is to ensure the fellowship are INFORMED, INSPIRED, and INVOLVED in world mission.

Currently we as a fellowship support individuals, and projects in the following countries.


HEALTH WORKERS. In India we support three health workers who work amongst the slums of Delhi. The health workers in India make a real difference to the lives of these people. They provide basic health and nutritional advice. In the past people have died from a cut finger becoming infected, because they didn’t realise the importance of cleaning a wound. At the moment there are 15 health workers supporting about 40,000 people. It is hoped to be able to start another team of Health Workers to reach many more people living in extremely poor conditions.

EVANGELISTS. Christ the Rock also supports eleven pastors/evangelists in the State of Orissa. Bhubaneswar, is the capital city of the state of Orissa, having a population of more than 10.000 lakhs people, with the traditional culture of Hindu Mythology. The pastors/evangelists are sent from an organisation called 'Victory Churches of India'. It was established in the year 2000 and started with five people. Now it has grown to 120 members. Christ the Rock has occasionally sent teams to India in relationship with the Bridge Trust through which we support this work. 


Burkina Faso is a small, French speaking West African country and one of the poorest in the world. It is just south of the Sahara and is very hot, dry and arid, especially in the north. There is religious freedom though the main religion is Islam. Animism and fetishism are widespread. In some places there has been a good response to the Gospel but there are many ethno-linguistic groups, some of which still do not have the Bible in their own language. Christ the Rock has links with SERVING IN MISSION (SIM), an organisation which partners the emerging church in Burkina Faso and in 2010 and 2013 a SIM “Prayer and Cultural Exposure” (PACE) team was sent from CtR to Burkina Faso to experience the work first hand. As a result continuing personal and funding links were made. UK SIM worker Mark Gibson (and family) is our link missionary in Burkina Faso. Currently he is based in UK and making regular ministry trips to Burkina Faso. 


ALBANIA has been in the news many times since the collapse of its communist government in the early 90's. We support Ian and Caralee Loring who are working with Open Air Campaigners to plant churches in the Erseke and Korce districts of South Eastern Albania. They arrived in Albania just as the borders were opening in May of 1991. Their vision for Korca: That the Korca church would be a light to the community, and reach out to meet needs both spiritually and physically. It has been our privilege to play a part in seeing their vision become a reality and for us to be blessed by praying, giving and going to this great work of God. Teams from CtR go regularly out to Korca and help run football camps for kids on the streets, activities for the street kids and spend time with the people in the orphanage and elderly peoples home.


SaraJane who has been a member of CtR for probably 30 years is currently working amongst the refugees, the Iranian Church and a Medical centre in Athens, Greece. God Spoke to SaraJane several years ago and told her to give up her full time, sell her house, and trust him completely, and through several months of waiting on God, he bought her to this place. So, in July 2017 SaraJane left the UK to work in partnership with the Mission Agency [International Teams] to work alongside a couple called Arno and Sahar. 

Having recently set up there very own NGO called `1Heart’ for the medical ministry they continue to help and support many of the refugee women, many who have great needs follow some horrendous living conditions in many of the refugee camps. 

We are so grateful to God for his faithfulness, as we see many of the refugees giving their lives to the Lord”.

If you would like to support SaraJane financially or would like to know more about the ministry and her work or sign up to her prayer letter, then please visit the iTeams web site. [www.iteams.org] or contact the church office by emailing [office@ctr-yate.org].