Young people today are under huge pressure to look and behave a certain way. Anxieties over this can affect their health, friendships and performance at school. In the UK, 9 in 10 girls with low body-esteem will opt out of fundamental life activities, such as engaging with family and loved ones, sharing their opinion, joining a team or club, or even leaving the house if they don’t feel good about the way that they look and act.

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Project Inspire aims to help young people build body confidence and self-esteem through interactive sessions tailored specifically to invite them to look at their worlds through a new lens! We aim to talk honestly and openly about the things that young people are faced with today including social media, sexting, relationships, drugs and alcohol as well as body image and self-esteem. This is because we believe that self esteem is an integral factor which contributes to not only over all well being and mood, but also future success whether that be in exams or future relationships and in order to do this we believe we need to look at the whole picture.

Project Inspire sessions begin with Dance Fitness with a qualified Zumba instructor, followed by some games designed to build a sense of friendship and togetherness between the girls. We will then give a motivational talk with opportunities for questions, reflection and possibly 1.1 mentoring if needed.

Our mission is to see the next generation experience a new way of thinking that enables them to realise their full potential and access all that life has to offer them as well as giving them a new found confidence to be themselves, fearless, powerful and wonderfully unique – Marta Nuevo Goode (Project Inspire)