We have lots of them – and are very pleased about that! We believe:

  • Children, young people and adults are of equal value and importance in the eyes of God and therefore children and young people should feel valued and accepted by the church at large.
  • Through faith in Jesus a person of any age becomes a part of the Body of Christ.
  • Children, young people and adults should have the opportunity to worship together as one family.
  • The Holy Spirit can speak through children and Young people as well as adults. We should encourage the development of spiritual gifts in people of all ages.
  • Children and young people should be given the opportunity to serve in the life of the church, encouraging maturity and responsibility at an appropriate level.

The practical out-working of these beliefs about the place of children in the Church means that on a Sunday morning:

  • We run a crèche for 0-3 year olds
  • We run a session for 3-11 year olds
  • We regularly have 'All-Age' praise times (first Sunday of the month) in which the whole Fellowship Family worship and learn together.
  • Home groups for year 5 & 6 monthly

Safeguarding Policy

All of our youth and children’s work is covered by our Safeguarding Policy.

In addition to the requirement of being a committed Christian, the Fellowship operates a strict policy and operating procedures for all children's workers to minimise the possibility of inappropriate behaviour and reduce any risk of abuse towards children. Details of our SG Policy are available from the church office.