Leaders are identified by their charactertheir competence and their sense of calling to the leadership task.

There are three main leadership groupings.

The wider leadership team

This is made up of Small Group Leaders and the church’s many Leadership Teams. These team leaders are linked with various members of the eldership and core team.

The Eldership Team

The elders are responsible for overseeing the development of the life of the whole church family. In particular they have the responsibility for:

Providing the church with teaching, training and nurturing to enable effective Christian discipleship 

Giving spiritual direction to ensure that individuals and the whole church can follow the Spirit’s lead

Ensuring that individuals have access to particular support and counsel during times of special need

Discerning and responding to any spiritual error that could harm individuals or the church as a whole 

The Core Team

The Core team members are identified by their character, gifting and involvement in church life. They act as a support group to the Elders, helping to ensure the effective exercise of the various ministries within the life of the fellowship, and they assist the integration of the whole body of Christ. The Core team meets regularly with the Elders.

  • Roy Ashworth

    Roy Ashworth

  • Jason Rogers

    Jason Rogers

  • Nicola Bright

    Nicola Bright

  • Lisa Gliddon

    Lisa Gliddon

  • Marta Nuevo-Goode

    Marta Nuevo-Goode

  • Rachel Rogers

    Rachel Rogers

  • Maria Draper de Nuevo

    Maria Draper de Nuevo

  • Juan Nuevo Alemany

    Juan Nuevo Alemany

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